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Zojoji – The Best Place Of Worship To Witness Buddhist Monks Ceremonies

(Image by Natalie Maguire via The origins of the Zojoji temple date back to the 9th century and it is said it was founded by a disciple of Kukai (Shingon sect), near Hirakawacho a little bit up to the north. The temple was transferred to the Jodo Pure Land sect in 1393 and became one of its most important locations in the east of the country. (Image by Guilhem Vellut via Tokugawa Ieyasu received the eastern provinces in 1590 and chose Zojoji and Kaneiji to be hereditary temples (菩提寺 bodaiji) for his clan. A pagoda and the Toshogu pavilion, both in Ueno Park, are the only remains of … 続きを読む