Super Potato: Tokyo’s Retro Gaming Wonderland

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In the bustling district of Akihabara, amidst the neon lights and electronic billboards, lies a haven for retro gaming enthusiasts—a place where nostalgia reigns supreme and the golden age of video games lives on. Welcome to Super Potato, Tokyo’s iconic retro gaming store and arcade, where gamers of all ages can immerse themselves in a treasure trove of classic titles, vintage consoles, and gaming memorabilia.

Discovering Super Potato: A Gaming Paradise in Akihabara

Located in the heart of Akihabara, Tokyo’s famous electronics and otaku district, Super Potato stands as a beacon for gamers seeking a trip down memory lane. Tucked away on a side street, this unassuming storefront belies the gaming wonders that await inside. As visitors step through the doors of Super Potato, they are transported to a bygone era—a time when pixelated heroes and 8-bit soundtracks reigned supreme.

Exploring Super Potato’s Vast Collection

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Super Potato is more than just a store—it’s a veritable museum of gaming history. Spread across multiple floors, the store’s shelves are lined with a dizzying array of vintage video games, consoles, accessories, and memorabilia. From classic cartridges and floppy disks to rare imports and collector’s editions, Super Potato offers something for every gaming aficionado.

One of the store’s main attractions is its extensive collection of retro gaming consoles, including iconic systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Sega Mega Drive (Genesis), and more. Visitors can browse through rows of consoles in pristine condition, each evoking memories of childhood gaming sessions and late-night quests.

The Arcade Experience: Reliving the Glory Days

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While Super Potato is renowned for its impressive selection of retro gaming merchandise, it also boasts an arcade area where visitors can indulge in the thrill of classic arcade gaming. Tucked away on the upper floors of the store, the arcade features a curated selection of vintage arcade cabinets, each offering a unique gaming experience.

From timeless classics like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders to cult favourites like Street Fighter II, Metal Slug, and Contra, the arcade at Super Potato offers a nostalgic journey through gaming history. Visitors can test their skills, challenge friends, and relive the excitement of arcade gaming in its purest form.

Super Potato: A Mecca for Retro Gaming Collectors

For retro gaming enthusiasts and collectors, Super Potato is more than just a store—it’s a pilgrimage destination. With its extensive selection of rare and hard-to-find titles, the store attracts collectors from around the world who are seeking that elusive addition to their gaming libraries.

From obscure Japanese exclusives to sought-after imports and limited-edition releases, Super Potato offers a treasure trove of gaming treasures waiting to be discovered. Whether hunting for a childhood favourite or searching for a hidden gem, collectors can spend hours browsing through the store’s shelves in search of gaming gold.

Visiting Super Potato: Practical Information

Super Potato is conveniently located in Akihabara, Tokyo’s vibrant hub of electronics, anime, and gaming culture. The store is easily accessible by public transportation, with several train stations and bus stops nearby. Visitors can plan their visit during Akihabara’s bustling weekend market, when the district comes alive with street performers, cosplay enthusiasts, and pop culture vendors.

When visiting Super Potato, it’s recommended to allocate plenty of time to explore the store’s vast collection and arcade area. Be sure to bring cash, as some items may not accept credit cards, and consider purchasing a souvenir to commemorate your visit—a retro gaming cartridge, console, or piece of merchandise to remind you of your time in gaming paradise.

Embrace the Nostalgia at Super Potato

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer, a retro gaming collector, or simply a fan of gaming history, Super Potato offers an unforgettable experience that celebrates the timeless appeal of classic video games. From its extensive collection of retro gaming merchandise to its immersive arcade experience, Super Potato invites visitors to embrace the nostalgia and relive the glory days of gaming in Tokyo’s iconic Akihabara district.

More Information

Super Potato Akihabara Branch
3F, 4F, 5F Kitabayashi Bldg.,
Soto-kanda, Chiyoda-ku,


5-minute walk from Akihabara Station



Opening Hours

Weekdays: 11am to 8pm

Saturdays, Sundays & Public holidays: 10am to 8pm

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