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Kanda Myojin Shrine – Visit The Guardian Deity of Edo!

(Image by elminium via Kanda Myojin Shrine has been historically revered by Tokyo’s residents as the “guardian deity of Edo”. Contrasting the nearby electric neighbourhood of Akihabara, Kanda Myojin is a tranquil sanctuary of a shrine. Over its history dating over 1,300 years ago, Kanda Myojin Shrine has seen the worship of many samurai warriors and daimyo warlords. The breathtaking vermillion architecture is a symbol of this shrine, which survived both the Great Kanto Earthquake and Tokyo Air Raids. History of Kanda Myojin Shrine Kanda Myojin Shrine was founded in 730 near present-day Otemachi and has a history of nearly 1,300 years. It was moved to the current location … 続きを読む