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Sengakuji Temple – Visit The Resting Place of the 47 Ronin

(Image by David Pursehouse via Sengakuji Temple is not only a historical site, but also a religious one. It belongs to the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism and is dedicated to the Bodhisattva Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The temple is an important place of worship for the local community and offers various religious services, such as morning meditation, sutra chanting, and zazen (seated meditation). The temple also has a unique feature that visitors may not immediately notice. On the walls of the temple’s main hall, there are dozens of tiny plaques with inscriptions that look like graffiti. These plaques are called ema and are used for making wishes. … 続きを読む

Asukayama Park – A Great Cherry Blossom Viewing Spot For Families

(Image by Guilhem Vellut via Located in the Kita ward of northern Tokyo near Oji station, Asukayama Park is a public green space that offers a picturesque landscape featuring approximately 600 Japanese cherry trees, making it a popular destination among Japanese people. While foreign tourists tend to favour parks such as Ueno or Yoyogi, Asukayama offers a great alternative for experiencing the local festive atmosphere during the cherry blossom season in early spring. Dating back to the early 18th century, Asukayama Park was established as a pleasure ground for the Edokko, the inhabitants of Edo, by Yoshimune Tokugawa, the eighth shogun of the Edo period. By 1720, the park … 続きを読む