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Take a Stroll in Shinjuku Gyoen

(Source: Shinjuku Gyoen Park is a large, 144 acre (58.7 hectare) park in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward, and is an urban island of Japan’s seasonal beauty. Shinjuku Gyoen has gardens, woods, a large and picturesque pond, and hundreds of cherry trees (sakura) which make Shinjuku Gyoen one of Tokyo’s most popular cherry blossom viewing venues in early April. Shinjuku Gyoen is home to more than 20,000 trees from all over the world and is a nature lover’s delight in the variety and beauty of its flora, yet with a skyline punctuated with towers. Shinjuku Gyoen includes a French formal garden, an English landscape garden, a Japanese traditional garden, a “Mother … 続きを読む